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I love tracking the numbers and analyzing the stats -- whether on Strava or in spreadsheets. Crunching the numbers and analyzing statistics offer an interesting perspective on what’s happening in my world.

However, my outings and financial statistics aren't just about the numbers. They're also about the circumstances I’ve encountered and the decisions I’ve made; they’re also about conversations I’ve had with friends and family members as we hike, ride, walk, and kayak. You might be surprised about the topics that surface naturally, about paths that led us nowhere and ones that brought us to where we are today, gardening mysteries and miracles, and dreams for retirement and plans for the weekend.

Here you’ll find a link to conversation starters and spreadsheets, drawn from the stories and examples in Growing Wealth


Here you’ll find questions to prompt conversations about growth in your personal life and finances. Questions are inspired by stories in my book, Growing Wealth.

I hope these questions will encourage you to share your stories and listen to the stories of your parents and children or anyone of a different background or generation.


Here you'll find a spreadsheet that illustrates compound interest.

This resource has been inspired by a lesson from one of my elementary school teachers. She showed me how one cent, when doubled in value daily, could grow exponentially in just thirty-one days. I describe my a-ha moments associated with compounding interest and exponential growth in Growing Wealth.


Here you'll see a budgeting framework based on fixed, variable, and discretionary expenses. I describe this framework in Growing Wealth.


Here I illustrate how yearly market returns can affect your wealth – particularly when you are withdrawing money to spend. My hope is that knowing this risk can inspire you to prepare for such downturns. I share a story in Growing Wealth about how naming this risk helped me confront investing fears.


Here’s an example of how I consider cash flow, as it flows either in to or out of my bank accounts and investment accounts. In Growing Wealth, I share how noticing cash flow helps me weigh choices and make important financial decisions.

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