I love tracking the numbers and analyzing the stats -- whether on Strava or spreadsheets. If you'd like to share in the fun, you are welcome to view these resources (all connected to Growing Wealth) and use them for your personal enjoyment.


My outings and workouts aren't just about the numbers. They're also about the conversations I have with friends and family members as we hike, ride, walk, and kayak. You might be surprised about the topics that surface naturally, about paths that led us nowhere and ones that brought us to where we are today, gardening mysteries and miracles, and plans for retirement and next weekend. If you're interested in conversation starters, drawn from the stories in Growing Wealth, find these in the resources section also.


from my files to yours


Here you'll find a spreadsheet that illustrates a lesson from one of my elementary school teachers: double a penny's worth for one month and see what happens. You'll also see how you can project future values and bring dollars in the future to the present.


If you're like me, you planned for financial goals based on average market returns. Then you discovered (or are about to learn) that yearly market returns matter when you're withdrawing money to pay for these goals. Here I'll illustrate how downturns can affect wealth when you're ready to spend.


I'm hoping my book, Growing Wealth, will spark conversations about money and growth. These may come naturally to some, as my stories help you recall your own. I've also created a list of questions for each chapter, several of which you'll find here.  


Here you'll see a budgeting framework based on fixed, variable, and discretionary expenses. The idea is to be strategic about required expenses (fixed like your mortgage and variable like your groceries) and spend your budgeting effort on extras.


I like to break down financial decisions into cash flow, which either flows into or out of my bank accounts and investment accounts. Here you'll find an example of how I consider cash flow activities.

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