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Welcome to a place where you’ll find inspiration and insight to manage your money, grow your wealth, cultivate a garden, and encourage your friends and family to flourish. 

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Julie Rains.


I love stories about challenges, struggles, and triumphs relating to money and life. In my book, Growing Wealth: Essential Money Lessons from My Garden to Yours, I share stories from my financial life and my gardening adventures. I explain how the two are related, growing financial freedom and growing vegetables, and how lessons from one illuminate the other.

I’m a numbers person who relaxes by analyzing potential stock picks and designing loan payoff schedules using spreadsheets. I struggle with tasks involving visual memory and hands-on skills, like gardening. Much of my book deals with learning curves associated with harnessing strengths and dealing with weaknesses.

For example, I can remember conversations and meals from decades ago (exquisitely prepared zucchini on a train to Paris, where I met and split the cost of a hotel room with two sisters who accidentally spent $40 on a long-distance call to their mother – in 1981). Yet, I can’t visualize whether my beloved, adult sons boast beards or are cleanly shaved, just a few hours after we’ve said goodbyes. (Does it matter?)

My aim is to guide readers in growing wealth according to their strengths and affinities, encourage them to be compassionate with themselves and others who are learning a new thing, and spark honest discussions about money and life.

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